moi interviews #3 – Eden Saranga aka Stitching Different.

Continuing our series of interviews with interesting people from the ever growing and tightly woven outdoors community we sat down (virtually) with Eden (@_edensaranga on insta), the creative force behind Stitching Different .

We first came across Eden’s incredible hand crotched Balaclavas via the common ground community, and immediately asked her if she could create a Bally for moi outside inspired by our all time favourite outdoors colour combo, the OG 1993 Nike ACG Air Revaderchi, which she did (more of that at the bottom of this interview).

Upon chatting a little more with Eden about her connection to the outdoors and what it gives her, we thought she’d make a great addition to our interview series, and she did.

Without over introduction (hopefully) here’s Eden in her own words.

1. What’s your name, and where are you from?

My name is Eden Saranga and I’m from Coventry.

2. Everyone has their own unique story about why they first started spending time outdoors and/or got into a specific activity or community. How did this go for you?

I used to spend a lot of time outdoors as a child, weekends away with my dad in the peak district and cornwall as well as the woods by my house, where me and my brother used to build boats and sail them on the pond. I recently started getting outdoors again to help with my mental health and recently diagnosed ADHD. Its the only place I really feel at peace.

3. Where do you spend most of your time outdoors, and why?

Either the Peak District or Shropshire Hills. They’re both the closest to me, as being bang in the midlands there aren’t that many places to explore that have mountains/hills with good views. Both of these have lots of different routes from mountains to rivers/waterfalls and rock formations (which are my fave).

4. What is the best thing that a closer relationship to the outdoors has given you?

A sense of community.

I have always felt like I never fit in anywhere, but the people I have met through spending time outdoors have been the most genuine and accepting people and I have found so many people who are similar to me and made friends for life. This really wouldn’t have been possible without common ground so a massive shoutout to the lads who started this.

5. Any downsides?

The only downside can be the cost of gear but it’s really not a necessity, just a nice to have.

6. Do you look for a sense of community? Or is outdoors time alone time?

It’s both for me. I love hiking/being outdoors with friends/my boyfriend and being able to share that experience but being alone allows me to decompress and clear my head which I love and also need.

7. How could outdoors spaces and activities be more welcoming and inclusive? Is cost an issue in your opinion?

I’be found that people in outdoors space are really welcoming but I think there is still a long way to go in terms of it being inclusive. There are so many groups that are so underrepresented.

I don’t think cost is the issue.

I know instagram is flooded with expensive brands but you dont need to spend a lot to get some decent gear. There are plenty of brands who make great quality gear for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re on a budget Craghoppers is my personal fave and I’d also check out Vinted for some steals as well as charity shops and facebook groups.

8. Are the any activities/places you really want to try/go?

I would love to hike Patagonia and the Dolomites. I think those are my two dream destinations.

9. What’s your favourite outdoors related product?

Has to be my Craghoppers Kiwi’s. Comfortable, affordable and so versatile too.

10. And your favourite social account/website/print mag?

For me it has to be @mellowclo, I love the brand and their products, which are insane quality, but and also their expeditions series and reading peoples stories/adventures really inspires and motivates me to get out and explore.

11. What snack are you gutted if you leave behind?

Aldi Fizzy Pineapple sweets. I tried one from @marchamilton_ on the Common Ground X Columbia hike up Pen y Ghent and since then I’ve been absolutely obsessed.

12. Finally what’s the one piece of advice you wish you knew when starting out, or would like to share with those starting their outdoors adventure journey?

Don’t wait for anyone. Just get out even if it’s alone you’ll miss out on so much if you wait for people to join you!

Thanks Eden.

Now back to that ACG inspired Bally. We really love the accessories that Eden is creating with Stitching Different, and adding a bit of personality to a functional winter (or wild camp) staple. She can make pretty much any custom colour you can think of.

When we saw this image specifically we knew we had to brief her to create something for moi outside inspired by our love of the 1993 Air Revaderchi. Within minutes of sending a reference image she had sent over some ideas, and the finished result is incredible quality. Check out the results below, then check out Eden’s insta shop for more info.

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