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Stories from the moi outside community.

  • What Adventure Cycling means to me – Amy Perryman of

    moi: One-half of moi outside recently completed the Rapha Pennine Rally , a multi-day off-road cycling rally from Edinburgh to Manchester, crossing the Pennines via some of the best bridleways, singletrack, and forrest access roads the UK has to offer. The event wasn’t what Chris expected it to be, which is a story for another…

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  • Moi Interviews #4 – Sarah White aka The Rocky Mountain Shredder.

    Up next in our series of interviews is Sarah White. Located in Montana, USA Sarah is an outdoor evangelist and has been for many years. She is an avid cyclist and has miles and miles of off-road riding experience and is a highly skilled bike mechanic. As an ambassador for encouraging and empowering more women…

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  • Learning how to breathe.

    We all live busy lives, even though we spent 2 years, theoretically, slowing down I’m not 100% sure that it’s actually made our lives any slower. Busy lives equal busy minds. Busy minds can be debilitating if we don’t know what to do with that mental energy. I think more of us know ‘that’ feeling…

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  • Road Kill and Hood to Coast.

    The annual Hood To Coast Relay is an overnight, long-distance relay race. It is one of the longest and largest relays in the world, and on the “bucket list” for many a runner. The course runs approximately 320 km (200 mi) from Timberline Lodge on the slopes of Mount Hood, through the Portland metropolitan area,…

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  • Speed In The Desert.

    What would make someone run from Santa Monica to Las Vegas? This is a question I’ve asked myself over the past few years and what I’ve come to realise is that there is no “why?”, but rather “who?”. The “who?” is why I originally asked myself this seemingly obscure question, so I’ll start there. Nils…

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